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SOP Events is an events agency specialized in events organization in France and abroad. SOP Events is intended for company who wants to organize an event : it can be for a trade show, for a meeting day, for a seminar, for a business reception, for an adventure, cultural, gastronomic, oenology or sportive team building. SOP Events takes care of everything and manages your event from A to Z.

SOP Events the tailor-made events agency, here and abroad

Seminar organization, study day organization, team building organization, incentive organization, trade show and conferences organization for companies : discover our adjustable packages or contact us if you want a tailored offers (free quote) within 48h.

Each year, SOP Events organizes more than 1300 events in France and abroad : from Paris to Toulouse, Biarritz, Bordeaux by the way of London, Barcelona, New York, Miami, Bali, Dubai and many other destinations. We guide your company from beginning to end.

  • 1300

    organisation in 2018

  • 700

    congress and trade show

  • 560


  • 40


SOP Events, an enthusiast team, always here for your futures projects !

  • Elvire

    Project Manager

  • Marie R.

    Project Manager

  • Vera

    Project Manager

  • Pauline

    Project Manager

  • Marie B.

    Project Manager

  • Agathe

    Project Manager

  • Corinne

    Project Manager

  • Laura G.

    Communications & Web marketing Manager

  • Rim

    SEO Manager

  • Jean-Christophe

    General Manager

  • Florence

    Branch Manager

  • Marie-Christine

    Sales Manager

  • Aurélie

    Project Manager

  • Laura M.

    Project Manager

  • Patrick

    Project Manager

  • Charlotte

    Project Manager

  • Margaux

    Public relations Manager

A specialized and expert team in its sector

  • Elvire Elvire is working in close collaboration with Ambre, Marie R. and Aurélie. She guides the team all along the team building and seminars organization. As a meticulous, gentle and perform well person, she fortifies our team spirit and give us the serenity we need when we have a lot of work. She has a real talent to find the good deals and to satisfy every clients requests !
  • Marie R. Marie R. is working with Ambre and Elvire on trade show and seminars organization. As a cheerful, reactive and attentive person, she precisely knows how to answer to the client's requirements. Marie is a passionate sportsperson, she practices synchronized swimming. At work like during her performance, she is always smiling even when she has a lot of work.
  • Vera Vera comes from the beautiful countryside of Holland, with its poppy fields and old mills. As a real Dutch, she takes her bike everyday to go to the office ! She is working on seminars and business reception organisation. She speaks French, Dutch, English and Spanish. Her several qualities : hardworking, meticulous, smiley and always with a good mood, a real pleasure !
  • Pauline Pauline comes from the North of France (Rhône Alpes) because yes.. above Toulouse it's the North... Joking aside, Pauline arrived at the beginning of 2018 to reinforce the Elvire team. Her humour and her good mood give us the smile everyday. She works on seminars and business reception organisation as well. Passionate by TV series and especially the serie ''Les demoiselles du téléphone'', her biggest wish is to be able to come back in the past and live the crazy years !
  • Marie B. Before, Marie was working in a tourist office. As an events lover, she joins our team at the beginning of the year to manage the requests from the website. She loves rugby but, contrary to Florence, she is fan of Stade Toulousain. As a good supporter, she shares the same passion together. Marie is conscientious, diligent and really involved in her new job, she loves professional challenges. We are waiting to get to know her during our coming events.
  • Agathe Every week, Agathe is looking for new unusual places and innovative activities for our clients. She is specialized in big groups management and knows how to answer to the most demanding clients. As a tennis lover, she is at work like on tennis court : reactive, dynamic and tenacious. A fighter in a velvet glove.
  • Corinne Corinne is mainly working on business custom-made stays. With her big experience in Tourism and her partner network, she is an expert in events worlds in her region and in France. As a real professional, she can manage the biggest events in record time. She is the Lucky Luke of the team : she works faster than her shadow !
  • Laura G. Laura is managing the web marketing department and the website search engine optimization (SEO). As a design, architecture, fashion and superhero comics strips lover, she is our modern times Spiderman. She weaves your web and give us more visibility on the web.
  • Rim Rim lived her childhood in Rabat in Morocco. Soft, organised and meticulous, she brings her beautifulest smile from Morocco ! Her best memory from her country : go take a mint green tea in the gorgeous Oudayas district, with its marvelous view on the river. By the way, during her next trip, she promised to bring slipper for the entire team ! Rim is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), she is our Peter Parker (alias Spider-Man) from modern times. She spins her web on internet.
  • Jean-Christophe Jean-Christophe is the managing director. In addition to manage the company’s development and the providers collaboration, he supervises its beautiful team and he manages the website search engine optimization (SEO). “By the way, this presentation is made by him and he must be polite about the redaction in order to avoid a rebellion from the feminine part”. Always attentive for your futures events conception !
  • Florence Until last year, Florence has her own events agency. After many years of collaboration and friendly exchanges, we convince her to join our team. The condition ? Bring us her love of life, her smile, her energy and her undeniable artistic expertise : a new string to our bow ! She was designated agency manager. Last anecdote, she is a real fan of rugby and of the Castres Olympic.
  • Marie-Christine Marie-Christine is the sales manager of the team. She joined us to channel young recruit’s energies and to bring us her expertise and wisdom… Her skills are everyday useful as her wisdom… how can I say ?... a real tornado of happiness and good mood, an impressive efficiency !
  • Aurélie Aurélie is the Marsupilami of the team. She jumps from files to files and surprises us every day by her energy. Thanks to her passion for events world, she can perfectly answer to the client’s requests. As a young, conscientious and always smiley person, she gives us positives vibes every day. Now, she manages a part of abroad events.
  • Laura M. Laura is sportive, a handball lover and a new mother. In partnership with Patrick, she manages the congress and convention parts. She is in our agency from a long time and she is smiley, pleasant, conscientious and perform well from the first day. Laura is greatly appreciated by our clients. However, she doesn’t like a colour at all… but which one ?
  • Patrick With Laura M., Patrick manages the congress and convention part. He is a real gentleman, chic and always smiley : the James Bond of the team! He is in our team from a long time and he brings us his expertise and his professionalism every day.
  • Charlotte Charlotte comes from Savoie. After spending a few years in Paris, she came in our agency and was quickly integrated. Our young recruits are impressive us through their maturity and professionalism. Charlotte is constantly surprising us and is essential to this unmissable team. She loves skiing weekend as well !
  • Margaux Margaux is managing the journalist’s reception and requests during product launching. A difficult job where you must be available and able to work under pressure. Margaux is always positive and smiley, it is a real pleasure to work with her !