Trade Show Organization

Trade show organisation, called ”Owner show” as well

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  • Rate from € ht per person
  • Calculated on a base of people
  • Duration of the stay 1j
  • Possible package of 100 à 10 000 people

Variable price according to the number of persons

Description of the offer : Trade show organisation

Do you want to organise your own trade show ? It is possible if you understand how. During a trade show, you are the unique exhibitor so you don’t have any competition. Discover how organise your trade show.

Place : South-West (Toulouse, Pau, Bordeaux, Albi, Carcassonne, Montpellier, Biarritz…)

Duration : Time of a trade show.

If you want to know everything about the stand creation, discover our offer Traditional stand creation

Trade show organisation at your convenience

SOP Events guides you all along your trade show organisation. The stand on your trade show will be created according to your specifications (for example your requirements : structure, equipment, size, signages…).

Prepare your own trade show

Even if none of your competitor will be there, you have to meticulously choose your public. Favour your partners, providers, co-workers… More of them will be there, more your trade show will have a rewarding image to your visitors. Your trade show will be more successful if the visitors don’t see your organiser role but your proximity with them.

During your trade show or owner show

It is essential to suggest various conferences on different thematics in relation to your company. That is why you have to call on speakers, experts (employees of your company and of the other present companies, providers, co-workers…)

Enliven your trade show with original activities (magic close-up, simulator, 3D virtual reality activity…) or reception if your trade show is during more than one day. The aim is to become closer of your visitors, that is why you have to, for example, organise a private area for your loyal clients or speak about your future projects.

For all trade show request, please contact us. A tailored quote will be created depending on your specifications.

Offer details : Trade show organisation

The price includes

- The study and the conception of the stand,
- Renting of the 50 stand of 9m²,
- Transport during the day and during the week,
- Stand assembly,
- Labor,
- Lighting (100 W spotlight for 3m of stand),
- Furniture,
- Signages (sign of 200x800mm white background and colour adhesive text recto/verso);
- Disassembly.

The price does not include

- Place rental,
- Stand storage.


- Additional stand of 9m²,
- Carpet for the stand,
- Carpet for the aisles,
- Angle reserve of 1x1m
- Activity creation all along your trade show to generate interest to your stand,
- Clients reception
- Accommodation for your co-worker,
- Accommodation for your guests and clients.