Oenology team building, oenology incentive

An oenology team building, and oenology incentive are a new way to improve the team cohesion, the listening and the exchanges. If you want to spend pleasant moment with your employees, your client or your co-worker, an oenology team building is the solution. You will taste the most prestigious French wine, from the full-bodied and powerful red wine to the fruity and delicate rosé by the way of the dry and lively or sweet white wine. An oenology team building is an uncommon way to mix creation, conviviality, discussion and discovery of a part of the French culture. If you want to try one of our oenology team building, SOP Events can manage everything from A to Z, from your trip (by plane, train or boat) to the activity destination to the oenology team building activity organization. We provide a tailored quote, according to your budget, within 48h. Read More